Are you ready to go from being in a social media chokehold to a multichannel marketing expert with a consistent overflow of leads? 

It's time to release yourself from the pressure and stress of making one social network or marketing channel the ONLY way you generate leads outside of referrals. It's time to have a multichannel marketing strategy that focuses on the style of marketing content you enjoy and will be able to maintain when you're busy (or unmotivated). Have confidence that no matter the algorithm change that your flow of leads will never dry up because you have other sources of business.
You are tired of people ghosting you after you tell them the price.

Hey revolutionary ceo! 

Say goodbye to hanging out on Youtube on friday night trying to figure out how to generate leads. and hello to

lead overflow workshop

here's what you'll learn: 

  ✅  The simple daily ritual that will instantly boost your marketing confidence & is scientifically proven to influence how hit your goals.

  ✅  My 3-peat organic marketing strategy to attract high ticket leads like clockwork from 3 different sources.

  ✅  The simple content flow that will increase your visibility & brand awareness without increasing your workload.

  ✅  The 3 content strategies that you're failing to implement that are keeping change in your pockets instead of stacks

  ✅  My secrets for building a lead generation strategy that attracts, qualifies, and converts “new” clients like clockwork

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"To actually learn how to brand my business from a branding person was a major benefit of coaching with Latesha. Since going through the program I have launched a new signature coaching program that made $18,000 in the first round."

Dr. Micaela Herndon

Lauren Flowerday

"After working with Latesha, I was able to recognize what exactly my brand stood for, and I was able to be in the true power of knowing my brand… like I know myself. I was fully booked out within a month of implementing all of her wisdom!"

meet your workshop host

Hi, I'm Latesha

It's hard to find a coach who knows how to help high-ticket service providers and coaches market and sell in the online space. As a 16-year marketing veteran, university board member, and CEO of The Business Branding Academy, Latesha teaches hundreds of online business owners how to attract aligned, qualified leads for their high-ticket offers. 
In this workshop, she'll teach you a multichannel marketing strategy that will save you time and help you generate leads from multiple sources.
By understanding this one simple marketing strategy you can use any marketing channel you want based on your unique marketing style to generate an overflow of leads so you never have to worry about an algorithm change shutting down your entire business.

Latesha has built nearly a half-million-dollar business in 2-years primarily selling 2 high-ticket offers. Now she's ready to teach you.