Service providers and coaches who sell their services or programs to other business owners or corporate professionals.

Who are your services best for?


Yes, I do travel for speaking engagements as long as travel is arranged or reimbursed once booked. I am also available to speak at virtual events.

Can you come to speak at my event?


The investment to work with me falls between $5,500-$26,000 depending on your needs. 
Coaching falls between $5,500-$6,000 and lasts for 4-months. 
Mentorship is $12,000 and lasts for 6-months.
Launch content strategy and planning is $8,000 and is fully complete in 4 weeks.
Fractional CMO (Virtual CMO services) are $26,000 for the year.

All investments have payment plan options. Details upon request.

What's the investment to work with you?


I've been working in the marketing industry since 2006. I've marketed SAAS products for $99/year all the way up to Distributed Antenna systems and Voice Printing security software at a minimum of $100,000 per location. 

My specialty is organic marketing with a focus on video visibility and lead generation. If you're looking to learn how to generate leads without paid marketing strategies or complicated marketing funnels, then I am your service provider or coach. 

Why should I choose you?


Absolutely! I have a company called the Business Branding Academy® where I provide actionable, educational marketing courses. You can shop those courses in my Booked and Banked™ shop found at 

Do you have digital products I can purchase if I can't afford your services?


I don't offer refunds for any of my coaching programs, services, or courses once you've accessed them. All of my intellectual property and access is given to you upfront, so there are no opportunities for a refund once you've accessed the information. The only exception is if you accidentally purchase a course and you never logged in. 

What is your refund policy?


Yes, you are allowed to book my services up to 6-months in advance. There is only a deposit required to reserve your spot and all remaining payments will follow the set payment schedule. 

Am I allowed to book your services in advance?